Thursday, January 31, 2008


I really haven't done much lately besides work and stay indoors. I told my boss today I should bring my treadmill to work and we could all take turns, all the guys liked that idea. It's pretty darn cold out there, it says -49°C at the airport but at our house it's only -46°C so i can't trick my brain that it's almost -50°C and I can stay home. Too bad because I'd love to do that only thing is I'd be stuck in the house with 3 kiddos going stir crazy. At least they are doing things at their places.

Laundry is slowly taking over my house again because I can't bring myself to do it. I used to like doing it and now, it's so tedious. But we'll be moving soon and I can't wait to find out when and actually be in this house but in the meantime it's cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. At least I've had a few friends offer to help out and that's nice. I know I won't be too overwhelmed.

There's nothing new to report and we are just moving along at snails pace through this winter. Hopefully this cold spell will pass soon.

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