Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Catch up

We got down to the much dreaded -50. It wasn't nice and it's still not nice even though it's warmed up 6 degrees over the day. We stayed home today, my youngest is sick and it didn't warm up until after lunch anyway. Poor little baby boy, this is the 3rd time he's been sick since starting daycare but it does come with the territory. I remember going through the dreaded sickness back when the other two started daycare or way back 10 years ago when I actually worked at the daycare. I've got the sniffles and a sore throat as well.

I'm happy to report that I will not be adding to my brood at this time, my untimely cycle finally started today. I'm not sad at all and I honestly thought that I would be. I really do think things to death, you know.

I've been slowly packing and trying to figure out what to do. The one thing I hate about moving is the disorganization one can feel. I'm determined not to be this way. Right now, I'm moving clutter and packing things nonessential or that take up room. So I've packed up 20 boxes a variety of sizes of just my books, I'm packed up some toys and some linens. These will all be moved to storage for now. Nonessential, those by the way are not books in my opinion. Though I have a few still on my nightstand and they will stay there until we move.

I cleaned the two children's bedrooms and moved a bit of stuff around today since I was home. I recently bought 2 large cd/dvd holders and we put all our movies in them and threw away all the covers save a few for lending out. It sure has made a ton of room, we'd been planning to do something like that for awhile but hadn't gotten around to it. I'd really like to do it for all my photo cd's and music cd's.

Things are looking up. I'm settled at work and getting things done. I feel like I'm finally getting back to writing and this Saturday will be scrapbooking all day and will possibly complete Snowbaby's 1st Year Scrapbook. I'm really lookikng forward to it.

Next time I write it will be about getting back on track and weight issues.

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