Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here Comes the Sun!

Well it's nice to finally see the sun again after all these months. But it's not actually the sun itself but the light from it shining on the hill. It was out yesterday and it was so nice to see. Around this time of year I always get excited to see the sun. Up here in the North we don't see the actuall sun for months at a timea s we are low on the totem pole as the saying goes. This time of year we get glimpses of the sun coming round to shine on us once again. It puts people in better moods and offers us a hope of summer after the long cold months.

This year so far has been especially mild weatherwise, usually be have weeks and weeks of -30 and -40 degrees celcius if not colder. This year it hasn't lasted more than a couple of days at a stretch. Which is very fine with me. I've been enjoying the not so cold weather up until now. Just last week we've been having the terrible winds that leave rock hard drifts in our driveways and stairs. But that too passes.

Summer here we come!

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