Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday Morning!

So here we go again in a round of anitbiotics, fever reducers and cough suppressants. I've still feeling lousy but fortunately I haven't gotten any worse than yesterday except my ears feel clogged. lilolman is on the mend because he's on antibiotics but it's all coming out when he sneezes and he's got diarrhea but that's probably from the antibiotics maybe, not he did have it yesterday mjroning before the medicine. Darn. Mickey's been coughing all night but not complaining and I only heard him because lilolman has been up every hour again. Smartguy says he feels fine but he sounds a bit stuffed up.

I still feel rested at least but he's making up his nursing time he misses in the day that's for sure. I'd really like to get some organizing done today and the rest of the Christmas decorations down. I'm making a pile of boxes in the dining room to make room in our house. We are going to rent a storage unit as soon as we can. I think the owner is on holidays. So my pile gets bigger everyday to make room in our house to breath. I figure we'll get everything into storage and then we'll hear that we are getting a bigger house. I really don't want to move!! But my kitchen sucks big time, it's too small and not enough counter space for a cooker and baker that I am.

We got snow again yesterday but because it was still snowing after Marcel was out yesterday he had to go out this morning for the four or fifth time in a row. The poor guy is getting sick too, so it's not helping him to get anything down otherwise. Between the holidays and doing snow, he's not had much time at his shop as he would have hoped.

So here I am sitting in my favorit chair at 7 something in the morning, I've been up for over an hour already and listening to Dora the Explorer, it's one of Mickey's favorite shows, fortunately we haven't watched in awhile so it's not too annoying.

Well I'll go back to facebook and add some more books to my list.

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