Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Still at home!

So we are home again, I'm sick, Mickey is sick, Smartguy is starting to get sick, Marcel hasn't gotten sick but he's run down from doing snow for so long in a row and lilolman is well on the mend now.

Since I can't really rest to get better since I have 3 kids running around, i've been getting stuff done around the house. I have a huge pile of stuff to go out into storage and I have lilolman's bed set up in Mickey's room and my room is moved around a little bit, moved some furniture out of there and just have to organize some boxes. It's slow going since I still have to take care of my children. I am feeling much better about the house though, not so crowded adn suffocating.

So what else has been going one. Not too much Mickey has hardly a voice just like me. He's pretty cuddly right now and doesnt' want to do much. They've been coloring a lot and I've been letting them watch movies. lilolman is walking like crazy now, it's so cool. He's walking everywhere and getting steadier everytime. It's awesome. I'm such a proud mama.

I've also been going through the kids clothes and have to go through the toys again, I had a box all separated to get rid of but they got hold of the box and the toys ended up back in the mix. Someone asked me if it was a hard getting rid of their toys or clothes and I pine after both. It's crazy, if I'm in the mood I can get rid of lot's without worry and then other times I'll be going through things and get all sniffly over something that I've had for all 3 boys. It's getting easier though now that lilolman is older and it's not the newborn baby stuff I'm getting rid of. It's just a matter of going through now to get rid of excess because they have huge wardrobes for little kids. I don't think I'll have to every buy lilolman any new clothers for awhile. Now I have to weed it out.

So I think I'll be back at work tomorrow and 2 of the kids will be back out in the world but we shall see. Everyone seems to be doing better today than yesterday.

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