Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last day of the month and still haven't found my mojo!

I'm working on it though. I have my treadmill all set up and my pilates dvd's and equipment just waiting for me. But feeling a bit stressed right now with hubby back at work and just finished traveling. I decided not to go back to the City this Monday, seems too soon and I really don't want to drive again for 10 hours. So I'll reschedule my dentist appointment for later this month.

Hubby got back and discovered that while he was gone someone had broken his tablesaw legs and taken some of his edging for his work. Seriously! Freakin' seriuosly! I'm really pissed for him and he's pissed himself. I hate when bad stuff happens because it puts such a negative vibe on life. I'm feeling like crap, I don't know if I"m just too empathic but when hubby is in a mood it rubs right off on me and I'm trying to snap out of it! Besides that I feel all achy and my head hurts. Kids will be in bed soon, so then I can relax. Hubby has gone back out to his shop to do work.

He's also on summer hours and has to be at work tomorrow which I find sucky. I miss him in the summers, a lot!

I downloaded some music yesterday, some suggestions for workout music on another site and I'm totally loving 'Faster Kill Pussycat', sung by Brittney Murphy. It's a cool song!

Kids had a good day, they played outside and SmartGuy went to a friends house for a couple of hours and the two younger napped, so it was a pleasant day. I have to get off and do some bedtime stories. Night.

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