Monday, May 05, 2008


I am in an awful spiral of tiredness. I can't sleep, I don't know what it it. I try to sleep and when it's time to sleep, I do not. I toss and turn and lie about. I have no worries that I can think of. My life is content for the most part. It must be spring putting me in this rut. Its' been over a week and I'm desperately in need of sleep. I napped one day and it just made me stay up even later.

When I'm tired I get cranky and worried. I think life is full of stress and it is not. I hate when I feel like this, I hate when I feel lonely and worthless. I feel the need of my children and the need of my orderly house that just won't stay clean. I'm not sure what I am to do.

The only thing to do is go to bed when I can as early as I can. Exercise will help. I walked twice yesterday once in the early morning by myself and then later in the day I walked with the children which should have worn me out completely. All it seemed to do was wire me and I was up late again.

So this is why I feel restless and my brain can't think properly and I have not been hear in days to write. Tonight I will go to bed with the children, there is nothing so important that I can do but sleep.

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