Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hump Day.

I'm very sleepy. I haven't been sleeping much lately, feeling overwhelmed and aggitated I guess. I have a lot on my mind. My house is wonderful, the kids are pretty good. We have been dealing with SmartGuy's issues lately, lying and running off and not listening. Just the last week things are happening with him and we are trying to keep on top of it.

He's been really good at school and home since he went back to school in January but lately something has been up with him. Testing his boundaries again, I suppose. So just staying on top of this. He's also been calling me from school telling me that he's sick, has a head ache or like today his throat hurt. So I do the usual asking what is wrong and tell him if he goes home then he's going to go to bed and rest to get better and well, he miraculously feels better. Though he might end up staying home tomorrow as he does sound terrible, poor guy.

I introduced him to butterfly kisses the other night, you know where you go eye to eye and flutter your eyelashes. Boy this kids has some wickedly long eyelashes that I'm totally jealous of! He loves it so he gets his kiss goodnight now as well as an eskimo kiss (rubbing noses) and butterfly kisses. Only thing missing he says is chocolate kisses.

The other two have a touch of a cold the last few days and are starting to feel better as well. But they are well and growing and learning more everyday.

We finished moving our things out of storage today and man do we have a lot of stuff. We basically filled up Bubba's room with boxes for me to go through. There is so much stuff, stuff that I have the terrible priviledge of sorting through, not a fun task for sure. I hope that this can happen to over the next little while and have a yard sale in a few weeks. Not a thing I like to do but probably a necessary thing. Just so painful though for this solitary person to sell her things and put it on display.

Hubby and I have applied for land, land to own. It's land for his business but land none the less. It's such a stressful thing. I'm really rooting for Hubby and his business ventures lately. He's got basically three jobs, his summer job, his winter job and his new wood working. A job he absolutley loves doing. He needs more room to have all these jobs and to expand his business and it would just be good for him. I'm so happy he has found something he is passionate about. I'm a little jealous as well. It inspires me to look for what makes me happy. I really want to be happy in my work but right now the job I have has become just a job and a security. I have a hard time with that, feeling trapped in a job for no other reason than it gives me security. My day will come.

Whoops! Buddy just feel out of his bed, poor thing landed on his forehead. Poor baby!

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