Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Okay, okay

I get the point, i need to keep my blog update but I have a good excuse. I was off work for a week, all last week (I had 10 days off in a row) and I was going through boxes and getting my house somewhat organized. I was barely on the computer except to play some games on Facebook when I was taking a break or running around retrieving children and taking them to where they needed to go.

My house isn't totally where I would have liked it to be but Bubba's room is cleared out now except for half his closet which is still filled with boxes but it's mostly papers and miscellaneous stuff I have to go through. I still have to organize my pantry some more, I got my tupperware on the weekend but have only washed them and not put things in them yet. I hope to do some more stuff over the next week and by then I hope, hope that I am up to where I would like to be. I have 5 boxes of stuff for the kitchen that I'm not sure what to do with and I'm going to take a good look at it and really decide if I need it or not, I did weed through some of it already.  I do feel a bit more settled.

Hubby has been busy, busy but it's almost over he's mere coats of varnish away from finishing up the last of the cabinets, yes it's taken awhile but with snow removal, a family to spend time with and other various projects and starting work, he's doing it. I think and we've discussed it that if he plans on doing this as a career he'll have to give up one of his jobs, which one I don't know because he goes back and forth and that is for the future to decide I guess. We'll see where we are in a years time.

For real though, there really isn't a whole lot to report and maybe there is but I'm having a brain fart! I'm not feeling very writer worthy right at the moment, so maybe I'll be back.

I just finished reading to really good books. Into The Wild and The Road both very moving books and very good reads.

The boys have been really good lately, playing outside a lot and having fun on their bikes, on the trampoline and playing with the other kids in the neighbourhood. Bubba finally has his top teeth coming in, I could tell that something was up over the last week because he's been cranky, drooling and nursing tons. Buddy is well, great, he did have door slammed in his face this weekend and he got a little cut above his eye, poor guy. Other than that he's great and wants to be with his big brother all the time when they are outside. He follows the little group around.

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