Friday, May 09, 2008

Crescent Moon

So here I am sitting here at 1:22 am and I'm awake. I did go to bed early, about 8:30, when down with Bubba but then guess what? I woke up an hour later and couldn't go back to sleep. What is wrong with me? I am seriously going crazy and I don't know why.

My knee seemed to ease up after my evening nap. So right now I'm watching P.S. I love on Pay Per View. It's a good movie, sad and fun at the same time. I finally ordered window coverings for the house tonight, what an ordeal. But it's done and they should be here before the end of the month.

There's a pretty crescent moon outside right now in the dark sky.

The movie is almost over adn I'm going to go to bed. I just need to write a little something.

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