Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tired musings.

I’m pretty tired today. I stayed up late cleaning the house and watching Jumper. I tried the new itunes feature of downloading movies, yes you have to pay. So I did that but I can’t figure out how to burn it to a disc so I could watch it on a player. I also swept and picked up my floor. I could go home at lunch today and actually mop my whole house as everything is off the floor except for SmartGuy’s room but he’s just got mats down. Problem is I don’t have a vehicle today. Last night Hubby left for the City and he took my van, not too much of a big deal as he’ll be back today.


He took my brother with him as he wanted to meet his kids at the airport since they are coming in with my mom who went to get them for a visit. They’ll be here for two months. That is pretty awesome.


Oh well, I can mop tomorrow as I took a day off. Hubby has that day off as well since he’s covered at his work for two days. Then he’ll be back at it for 19 days. Summer sucks when it comes to work. His hours are so unbelievable since he’s in the forest fire fighting part of it all. Well he just fills up the planes with the red retardant that they put on the fires. So he’s got to be there for alerts red being the highest alert and he can’t even leave the base but the lowest is blue and he has to be at the base if the airplanes are there and they are stationed here every summer, so he’s there all the time. He hates that part of the job because it’s a waiting game and basically sits around waiting because with all the spare time, he can get everything down. Maybe he should just set up his shop there and them he’d get lots done.


So my quiet time comes at goes at work as well. I’m all caught up on everything except for things I have to wait for from the other offices in the City.


So I’ve decided to enroll in a program. It’s Fitness and Nutrition Professional program through ICS. I hopefully can start soon, since they tell you by the end of the next day you will get a password in the mail and can start you learning online. So by tonight I should be started on this program and I’m really looking forward to it.


I’ve also started reading one of my favorite series again, The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. It’s the first time I’ve reread this series since I started it back in 1997 or 98 on a referral from a friend of mine. I just finished the first book again and I started on the second one the other night. I forgot how much I loved this series and it’s amazing how much I enjoyed the first book again and while remembering the story, parts of it were new and exciting again. Very nice!


So slowly now I am writing and beginning to get a story down on paper and hopefully with be able to share it soon.


On another note, I felt pretty good this morning when my dad said I was pretty organized at getting the kids ready and out the door to daycare/camp. My dad came and gave us a ride this morning since walking would take too long and well so would biking with Buddy. But once he's a little faster, we may attempt it but we'll have to have some practice runs until he's more adapt to riding with only one training wheel since one of his broke. He's doing pretty good so far.

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