Monday, June 09, 2008

You know when some days are just tough to get through and other days are a breeze. The last few days have felt like a breeze. Hubby worked all weekend so it was me and the kids. We rode bikes and went swimming. I missed out on walks though, seemed every time I thought about it, it would rain or the kids would fall asleep.

Last week we got stairs put on our back deck and this week we shoudl be getting our hot water tank fix, it's been leaking since we moved in and we even had a valve replaced on it once, the plumber should also be doing our dishwasher rough in and a hose bib for outside. Which would be great because I still have to get my garden planted, my dad has my plants ready and waiting. I already have my tomatoes and peppers in the green house and I'm hauling water out there by the bucket full.

Bubba loved being on the bike but after the initial wonder worn off he started trying to take his helmut off. So we'll have to work on that. We moved some stuff around the yard, so hopefully they will finish laying the gravel around our house.

Buddy got my mom and I out washing our vehicles. Again me hauling buckets of water. It had rained earlier yesterday and he went outside to play and decided to wash our vehicles with the old mop that was out there, that he'd been using to mop the ground. So a few scratches but it doesnt' look too bad. At least the vehicles are clean now.

My life is busyness these days with kids, work, play, applying for land and trying to keep on top of everything. Hubby is feeling it too these days, the stress, the missing his family (us), it's really wearing on him. By the time he's off work we're usually in bed, so it's just no fun for him.

Time, time, time, if only there were more time in the day but I give up housework time and spend it with the kiddos doing what they like to do or after they are in bed I read. I sure missed my reading. So life goes on and another day is spent.

Still not smoking and slowly getting into a exercise routine, my bum hurts from the bike though, hopefully that will go away though.

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