Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, I had a first today. It was the first time I was ever pooped on! Out of my almost 7 years as being a mother this has never happened, I've come close but I've managed to missed it until this morning.  It happened quickly and without a thought that it was happening. I had picked up Bubba from his room after he was running around naked for a bit after our shower and I was going to dress him. I was walking with him and reached around to hold his hand and instead guess what I ended up holding thinking at first ' what is my child holding' and then I saw what I was holding. Oh, my gosh! I about wet myself because I was just speechless and when running to the bathroom, dumped the goods in the toilet and proceeded to lather up in soap and wash my son as well. Oh, the drama, we slept in this morning too!

It was a busy weekend. We walked a lot and ate too much ice cream. We went to the Aboriginal Day celebration at the cultural center and of course, I forgot my camera. Actually I felt that there weren't very many things to do at this years events. Only one lonely face painting table and no other crafts to do or anything for the kids, very anti climactic. Though, Bubba liked the jigging and was ready to get down with his bad self! He's quite the dancer! We had hamburgers and hung out with my friend K. Saw my brother, his girlfriend and their 3 kids (two are his, one is hers).  SmartGuy had his face painted and asked me what it looked like, he started crying because that wasn't what he wanted and he wiped it all off and when back to try again. He wanted his whole face as the Canadian Flag but he got two little flags on each check when what he meant was red on each cheek for the sides of the flag, he came back is it was how he wanted it and he was happy.

SmartGuy went with my brother and family for a few hours and then Sunday his other cousin came over to play for bit and then he had a playdate. Both days Bubba and Buddy had 3 hour long naps and with SmartGuy away, I laid on the sofa and read my book or did this and that.

I'm not feeling so overwhelmed, still not sure if I'll do a yard sale or not. I still have things to go through at home (toys) but I may just tell my friends to come over and see if they want anything out of the pile before taking it to the free store or thrift store. We got the gravel laid out around the house so now I don't have to take that huge first step and Bubba can actually climb up and down the stairs by himself, yes, he really can do that. He's growing up so fast. I need to post more pictures.  But if you are a friend you know where they are in my alubms across the net and can find some updated ones.

My blinds came in finally, I had to reorder them.  This time they came on the day they said they'd be ther and then on Saturday I got a phone call that my blinds were in. So I sent those one back, two months late they were. So the night they came in, hubby was off work early and I set him to work while I went and enjoyed a couple of beer with a cup of adult conversation. It was very nice. So last night I stayed up way to late and adjusted two of the blinds by taking out the extra boards and cutting the strings down, I didn't know you could do that but it worked out great, so they fit exactaly in my windows. I just have one more to do.

The plumber is in this week and I'm supposed to be first on his list since we have the leaking water take, that we are still vacuuming out every two days with our shop vac. We'll get the house painted and the fence put up sometime in the near future, so I'm not worried about that. Things are falling into place finally, I just have to finish unpacking those last few boxes and go through some more stuff.

Wednesday night Hubby and I are taking the kiddos to the City. We both have dentist appointments and we'll stay until Friday. So it'll be nice for the kids, we'll take them to the park and swimming and some other stuff, they like. Maybe to the Beringia Center again. So at least we are getting some time together but only because of the dentist. Its' all good!


Jenny said...

Because I'm a new reader I'm not familiar with your recent history. Did you just move? Is that why you're still getting things in place?

It sounds as if whatever you're doing is tiring but worth it!!

Donna said...

yes, we moved just across the street where we were, from 3 bedroom to a 4 bedroom. I had a storage container emptied into Bubba's room and it was there for a while, not I'm down to a few boxes in his closet. It's hard to get things down with 3 kids and a full time job.