Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sleep is still a problem.

Bubba still is not sleeping through the night, well he is by the definition they give you in baby books which is five hours of continuous sleep. Usually between midnight and 5am. Though he's sleeping for long stretches it's usually from 8:30-9pm at night and he's waking up anywhere from 1am to 6am depending on what time he went to bed. I've starting the process of completely weaning him through the night and getting him to sleep in his own bed.

The only thing is that by the time I hear him now and he's crying, he's down the hall crying at the top of his lungs and it just seems strange that he wouldn't just come to me in our room, it's right across the hall. This has only happened the last few nights and I think maybe it's because he's not getting what he wants which is to nurse.

So this morning he woke at about 1:30, I got up and went to find his sippy cup and refill it, he wanted on the sofa. So we sat there for a bit while he drank and he didn't want me to pick him up at all but wasn't trying. Just falling asleep while he sat up straight and after a bit he cuddled up and fell asleep so I put him in his bed and then he was up at 5am and came to lay with me. Of course, this morning I woke up with all three boys in bed with me while Hubby was having a shower.

My back is starting to ache from these late nights and awkward positions, i can only sleep a certain way when Bubba is in bed with me.


Prez said...

Take heart...we're still waiting for Middle preTzel to sleep through the night and he'll be 13 in one month. :o) People think I'm joking and I'm really not - he does. not. sleep. through. the. night. Thankfully it's usually Mr. who gets up with him and lets me get my sleep. Hopefully yours won't do that to you. :)

Jenny said...

It's been so long since kids slept with me I can hardly remember what it's like!

These days it's dogs on the bed!