Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back home.

We left Wednesday night after Hubby got off work. It was an okay drive, the kids slept and Hubby and I talked a lot as we usually do. It was nice because our schedules in the summer are so off from each other it is hard to connect sometimes but we always make the effort. We stopped overnight beside a river at the spot Hubby had gone to before but the one spot by the river was already taken by some tourist, so we were off in a little clearing. I really wish I had thought to take some pictures, it was very pretty.

The kids and I slept in the van and Hubby set up a cot just outside the rear door which we left open. We hung mosquito netting around us and slept pretty good, well at least they did. I'll be honest and say that i love camping but since my bear phobia started, I have a really hard time doing, so we havent' gone and I've been happy since Hubby's schedule accomodates this because we just can't go. So I slept maybe, two hours that night. Hubby and the kids slept good.

We got to the City the next day for my dentist appointmen which I didn't get done what I had thought I would, but maybe next time my next appointment is at the end of August. So we went for lunch after that and then we took the kids to the park again, Hubby took them there while I was at my appointment. So after we dropped of Hubby at his appointment I took all three kids to see Kung Fu Panda, it was pretty good. I laughed a lot. The kids did pretty good, Bubba has no interest in film of any kind yet, so I kept him occupied and then about 3/4 of the way through Buddy lost interest. We left maybe 5 minutes before the film ended and Hubby just happened to walk up at that point. We had arranged a meeting point but he took a chance.

We then checked into the hotel and rested a while. Went for supper later and did some shopping. Had an early night. In the morning we had a quick bite to eat and then went swimming with the kids. It was a lot of fun. The liesure pool there is so warm. SmartGuy had a blast, he jumps right and and has way more confidence when swimming. They have a flowing pool there, like a figure eight river that SmartGuy loves to jump in. They also have a two story high slide. Hubby usually goes with SmartGuy but now that he's old enough to go himself Hubby took Buddy down the slide. They went probably ten times each, it looked tiring. I've never gone down the slide before and I went down once this time with Buddy. It was sort of fun, I almost lost my grip on Buddy so he was sort of up sideways beside me. But I held on even through the zigzag section.

We did some more shopping and then hit the road. We made good time and we stopped along the way as well. We had a weiner roast and the kids got to play at the playgrounds. It was fun. About 40 minutes from home we hit a line up. There had been an accident on the road ahead, a woman was trying to avoid a moose and rolled her vehicle. So we waited probably another 30 minutes or so. But the kids were great for the whole trip, us on the other hand had little sleep as usual and were a little grouchy. We have to work on that.[gallery]

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Cyndi said...

What you need is a camper!!!! Then you can just go in there and no bears can get you!!!
Speaking of bears, while in the HJ i had to walk the dog and to be honest, I was a little paranoid on our walks through town. One night, at about 10:30, I was paranoid as usual. Then we went around the corner and saw 7 of my students all in gr.5-7 just wandering around with no fear at all! So I have been trying to suck it up!!!
Sorry I missed you guys but sounds like you were very busy! Let me know when you come in August!