Monday, June 30, 2008

Progress is slow...

I'm not giving it my all and I could be but I think it's because of sleep. The main focus of this blog has always to chronicle my weight loss but it was side tracked and I went on to other topics and I will continue to do so but now that I'm making progress I think you should be aware that I will be probably writing more about my weight loss and I'll probably give you too much information like i tend to do, so just be forewarned.

I have done too much but I have lost 3lbs in the last week though it's pounds I'm relosing because I put on a bunch of weight again a month back and I'm not sure why, maybe it's the stress. Sometimes it  just sucks  to be a full time working mom to three. The working part being sucky!

What with work, 3 little ones, a full time job, a household to maintain and not enough sleep or time in the day to do things, it's so hard to focus on the health issue. But I continue to think about it almost everyday. So starting tonight I will be doing to be early again and working on getting a good schedule. For me sleep is the biggest issue to overcome, well, that and overcoming the overeating part of my life.

So tonight I sleep and tomorrow I give 'er in the exercise department. Too bad it's been rainy, I miss walking at certain times of the day and  I can't walk in the rain. Though I have invested in a lot of workout dvd's so that should help me get over this big of a slump.

Sleep, exercise and eating less. My three goals for the next few weeks.

You'd think that with everything I have on my plate, it would be enough but now. I've started my program Fitness and Nutrition, I already took my first exam. So busy I am! On top of that, I'm finally in the mood for writing and have been editing my draft of my Margaret/Ian and Dara/Jaree story. So on top of all that! Man, I must be crazy!

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