Thursday, July 03, 2008

I feel good...

Yesterday I feel asleep around 9:30 pm, I was exhausted. I hadn't been sleeping well and my body let me know it.  Hubby was home early for a change, yeah, the planes are gone. So we had dinner together and all the boys played outside and Hubby and I sat on the back deck and enjoyed a cold one. I had a cigarette or three, don't worry I have no craving this morning. I think it was just a lapse because my body was stressing from no sleep and that really affects me.

I don't even recall when the baby came to my bed but I was up at about 6am and did a workout. Yes I did! I'm so happy. I did The Biggest Loser circuit with weights and tomorrow I will do the Cardio workout. I figured this was a good way to get started. I forgot how much I love the feeling of working my body and feeling the burn after. Weird I know!

My hope, is this is a sign of things to come. 

I'm feeling good and rested, happy and content. Creative and accomplished! These are good things to be feeling.

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