Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday noon.

Wow what a weekend!  I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday we stayed in all day watching tv, reading and relaxing. It was so nice to wind down like that. Come Sunday though SmartGuy wanted some company, asked if his cousins could come over, sure I said. So we called them up and they were eager to come and play. They got here and set off to get other cousin down the street but she couldn`t come out. Can our other friends come over, so I called my friend but she was out but her husband was eager for them to come play. So I had four kidlets on top of my own three and they proceeded to play in every room, outside and made a thorough mess of my almost prestine house.

So I haven`t recovered from that at all. My house is a disaster for the most part and I figure like every other week that well, I`ll work on it over the next few days. Of course this is the morning work guy calls to say he`ll be over to fix our sticky doors just as I`m on my way out the door and can do nothing about my very dirty house. Oh well, I`m still a little red in the face from just thinking about it. But what can I do, I have three little ones, three little fast growing all boys little ones who I can`t keep up with in the clean up their messes department. C`est la vie!

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