Friday, July 11, 2008


Things have been really good for the most part.

I'm feeling real good, happy with the progress I've made and hope that it will get better. Things at home are great, kids seem to be growing taller and smarter everyday (sometimes not always a good thing). They are enjoying their summer. They do wish they saw their cousins more but we all work and all the kids are at daycare/camp.

Hubby has to travel this coming week, his mom is sick and he's going down to see her. She's I think 90 years old or close to it. So he wants to be with her. She is such a sweet little lady from the few times I've visited with her.

I was a little surprised last night when my husband called me from his shop. I guess he'd been thinking about going down and called me to ask me/tell me what I thought. Actually he asked me to go online and look at prices and dates, which I did. The way he was talking made it seem kinda like he'd expect me to say no. But of course, I would not in this situation. It's his mama! Gosh, I hope my kids come see me when I'm sick.  His mom of course is up there in the years and lives in a secured home because she has alzhemiers or the other one dementia. I'm not sure which. It wasn't even a thought for me, we have the means right now that we can afford for him to go, sure we'll be paying back over the next few months but oh well I say!

These are the choices we make in life. The important choices, things that matter to each other count. I would never say no to pretty much any request he may have. He never says no to mine. I mean gosh, I just spent a bunch of money to take some long distance courses. I paid in full and hubby expects me to succeed and I won't let him down. That is hard earned money that I'm not going to waste.

I knew when I married my husband I made a conscious choice to be with him for good or bad, he has a big family, I don't know hardly any of them except two or his 5 sisters, 1 niece and her kids but not his brother or other relatives. I've even met his 2 of his other 3 children and his ex-wife, no biggy.

What I'm saying is this, there isn't anything in the world I wouldn't do for my husband, I love him unconditionally and I feel the same from him, that hasn't changed in the 11 years we've been together.


Jenny said...

My dad will be 90 in October and he's booked to have heart surgery this Thursday 17th July! He has an interview with the surgeon the day before and if the surgeon agree's to do it then it will be all systems go!He's going to Sunnybrook in Toronto so I'll be there too.

I hope your husbands mum is getting better. How far is she from you?

siuan329 said...

She's in Edmonton, so about 3000 kilometers. She went for a cat scan and we are just waiting. We are driving Hubby to the City on Wednesday and he flys out that day. I don't know if she's improved or not at this point hubby was waiting to hear from his brother.

Jenny said...

That's really far!! At least I only have to drive half an hour to see mine. They live in Sturgeon Falls and we are about half an hour west of that.

It takes me five hours to drive to Toronto with him to the hospital.

I'll be hoping you have good news.