Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Blatherings.

Wow, what a difference a few days makes. I walked to the post office today and I was quite achy, sweaty and tired when I was done and the post office is only a 3 minute walk away. I guess being at home sick and in bed or on the couch doesn't do much for the physical side of things. I got a headache as well. I'm not completely better but well enough I think I could come to work.

The kids started getting sick on Saturday, we've had lots of crappy rainy weather and that probably didn't help at all. We were across the river for a few hours at a birthday party, we have another one this weekend as well over there. I'm not sure I feel up to it at this point.

The kids spent a couple of days inside Sunday and Monday, Monday I started feeling like crap and woke up feeling brutalized. I was achy, tired, sore, throat hurt, head felt all fuzzy and clogged, headache, ear ache and nauseous. It stayed that way for two days plus other things I won't mention. On top of all that I can my monthlies, how sick and twisted is that! So add achy back to that! So today here I am, not a 100% recouped but at least on my feet and out of the house.

I'm smoking again, damn it! Can you tell I'm mad. I'm not in a bad mood right now just can't believe I did that to myself again. And I must quit again as well. What is up with that?

I didn't do much but read and get caught up on laundry the last few days. We did do some rearranging this weekend before the snot factories started. We moved SmartGuy out of his room and in with Bubba. Not the best scenario but I couldnt' really move Buddy out of his room, I think he's either at a very important stage in his life or his personality just wouldn't cope with that kind of change but the other two are pretty flexible. Why did I do all this you ask? Mess! I'm sick and tired of cleaning 3 rooms all the time. I'm training them and training means showing and demonstrating and teaching them how to do it but they don't. So instead of me cleaning up 3 rooms, I'm cleaning up 1! One big beautiful room of toys! Too many toys.....too many Lego, blocks, cars, little men and puzzles. Books stayed in their rooms but every single toy in the house is in this room for all ages and they are going to stay in there. So far it's made my life easier and I'm very thankful for that. SmartGuy said i should move them all in together and then i can have a crafting room or office. Don't tempt me kid!

Well I guess if we had a bunk bed (humghp...hint to my husband, who is just way to busy) that my husband has been planning on building along with some shelves and other things. Not holding my breath here unless I want to turn blue over the next couple of years. Too much on our plates right at the moment.

The rainy stuff means hubby is home at 7pm most nights so that is really nice to have him around. Tonight I start my weekly mom's craft night, so we'll see if anyone comes. I look forward to it, means I should make something simple for dinner I guess. I'm getting so close to finished Bubba's 1st year scrapbook, I'm so excited!

I've been doing pretty good in other departments, getting enough sleep, spending time with my husband and friends, spending time by myself reading (almost finished book 3 of my series(The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan)), I've been editing/drafting my stories and working on some new stuff, slowing getting through my courses and concentrating on eating right and exercise. That is a lot of stuff on top of working, raising 3 kids and up keeping a household. Not too bad! No I'm not boasting, just excited I'm getting back to a routine and being more organized only took 2 years!

I'm really excited to say that I'm down 6 lbs since I started this a couple of weeks ago. I just need to exercise more, it will come I'm sure. I had a couple of quotes lately from one of the boards I frequent. They put some things in perspective for me, I love that board, it's so helpful and motivating.

"Try to remember that this deep, dark place you find yourself in is just that - a place. It isn't a part of who you are, it isn't in your soul."

"Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences. "

So I'll leave things at that for now. Have a great day!

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