Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coming up for air!

We had the sickness gone from our house for about a week and then it came back. All the boys are coughing now and having runny noses and stuff. I hate it. But they are all healthy boys and can fight it off but the colds just keep going around and around.

We've finally had a few nice days with the sun shining but it almost feels a little too late as the warmth is not staying. I have to keep closing my greenhouse every night before be, which I forgot to last night and I didn't check on it this morning, so I hope all my plants are still living but I don't think we are it 0° yet any how. The garden didn't do so well this year with all the rain and I've been hearing that a lot this year.

My niece and nephew are leaving today to go back down South to be with their mom. We are all going to miss them. This morning SmartGuy started crying and said he felt like he needed a picture of them. So I'll go print off one of the pictures later to him to have. He's really loves his cousins and is probably going to miss them more than any of us, he's so close to them.

So yesterday was my big plan to get back to my plan! I've been sitting on my ass long enough and I really need to get back to my exercise routine and start getting in shape and losing weight again. I got this new workout a while ago that I hadn't tried yet it's a 20 minute workout with Jillian Michaels, you know the one from The Biggest Loser (I love her). Turns out to be about 27 minutes long and really intence back and forth, up and down kind of workout that works core, strength and cardio. I felt great doing it and was think yeah! I did it. Later in the day I walked.

By noon yesterday I was feeling really terrible achy and nauseous, must be the bug, I stayed home and tried to sleep and just felt plain awful then near time to pick up the kids I realized that it was my muscles that were very sore, my shoulder and pecs and above my knees were on fire. Not just achy but burning hurting pain. I took 2 Motrin before bed and that helped okay but sheesh. What was I thinking jumping right into a routine like that. So I'll start more slow and start with walking and stretching this time about, after I heal that is. Today my chest hurts from favoring my shoulders yesterday, it's almost that intense crushing feeling, I've had it before a couple of years ago with a pulled muscle. But man I rocked at those push ups I was doing yesterday.

I've been dealing with some parenting stuff, stuff I had and that is talking to other people about my son. But hopefully life will be a little easier for my boy now that I've said something at daycare and school, at least I hope it makes a difference. I hate to see my boy sad.

Oh the boys! The boys.......

SmartGuy started school on Tuesday and likes his teacher and his class so far. He's only got 3 teachers this year compared to 5 last year and that's a huge relief. He still struggles with listening and keeping his hands and feet to himself but doing good so far, I've already been in contact with his teacher and she's very easy to talk to and listens well. He's really into the Wii right now but we are limiting his time, he likes to watch his Dad play the thing and then copies his Dad's file to his own so he can try them out. His friend, step-cousin as he calls him is back and they are back at roaming the neighbourhood. He's so happy to have someone to play with again, most of the kids his age in our hood are girls.

Buddy is doing great, he started Headstart and is working on his speech stuff again. He's doing well, talking more all the time, learning more ways to express himself but picking up stuff he shouldn't. He learned to put up his middle finger and did that to me the other day and I told him it wasn't nice. He's also taken to saying things are Stupid! That is driving me nuts! But he's happy as usual. He loves playing on the computer now going to PBS kids or Treehouse and playing games or printing off pictures to print (I help with that). He's already talking about going to the big school next year, which I know he will love.

Bubba is still a happy little guy. He had his 18 month checkup a couple of weeks ago even though he's 19 months now. He's very active and into everything and hurting himself constantly with his antics. He bit through his tongue a couple of weeks ago when he'd climbed up on a desk and Buddy tried to help him down but it ended with Bubba screaming and lots of blood but it's all healed up now. Boy how the tongue bleeds. He's about 25lb and tall at 33 inches. Not talking too much but has 6 words or so. He's going to be working with the speech lady too, since she has some time to give. Which I think will help him and that is great!

All accounted for. Hubby and I have been tired and sick and dealing with our boys. Hubby finally finished the kitchen he was working on and this is his last week at work and then he's off for the season and until snow flies. We've been doing a lot of stuff together as a family going for walks and rides and wiener roasting. The kids love that. We spend our evenings sitting out back and talking or taking turns playing the Wii. It's a fun system to have and I'm glad we got it. On top of that I'm busy reading, writing and doing my coursework and that is about that for now.

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Amber said...

Hate to hear about the relapse with the bug! Good for you for getting back to the workouts. :o) That should help with your immune system, too!