Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I fixed the link below, strange how it went ot a completely different website, one that I visit often but still how could I forget my own website address.

Things have not picked up since I last wrote. I'm sick but feeling better than I have. On Monday night Buddy got sick a couple of times around bedtime so he was going to have to stay home the next day. So yesterday he and I hung out at home. We chilled on the couch, he watched cartoons and I read cuddle on the couch. I must have dozed a bit because the next thing I knew it was 10:30. So I got up and tried to clean up a bit but instead just went throught hubbys receipts to take to the accountant.

After Hubby was home for lunch and Buddy had a nap we went out for a bit to run errands, got some more receipts from Hubby's shop, picked up SmartGuy's bad of school supplies at the office supply store, it's a nice service you just call tell them what grade and they have it ready for you to come pick up. I then went to the hardware store as I need some rubbermaid boxes that were clear because I went through the winter gear and sorted, I'm tried of having a messy or rather crowded front closet from all the huge rubbermaids in there, so I hung up all the coats and put the huge rubbermaids in the playroom and they have toy boxes for dump all their toys in, I'm tired of sorting it for them when they don't really give a dam. Wow, that was a long sentence eh? So I feel a bit better about that. I do realize that my children have way too many toys, there are three huge rubbermaid boxes and a medium sized box in their playroom and they are all filled to the rim or highter with toys and I've been getting rid of some here and there since before the move in April.

So I'm feeling somewhat better this cold/flu had kicked me in the butt. I've had a sore and clogged head and achy body and a little bit of nausea. Which has dwindled down to a sore head and neck. But I'm at work and all the kids are at daycare/camp and they are all feeling better.

We have a long weekend coming up and I'm not sure what to do this myself. SmartGuy said he wanted to go in the parade this year, so we'll probably decorate his bike and let him ride with the parade. Shoudl be fun for him.

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Amber said...

I wish we had a service that got our school supply list together for us. Fighting the crowds is for the birds! LOL!

Glad to hear you're on the mend! :o) I hope you're well enough to enjoy the weekend.