Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Today did not have a good start. Bubba was up once and Hubby ended up taking him back to his room because he wouldn't settle. Buddy was up twice because of coughing. The second time he woke up asking for medicine. I'd given him kids' nighttime cough syrup before bed but he was in pain so I gave him some motrin which would also help with the fever he was getting and then shortly after I sent him to his bed he ended up between Hubby and I.  Then at around 6am Bubba came back but still wouldn't settle and I woke to Buddy screaming because Bubba was bugging him and the waft of a soiled diaper brought tears to my eyes. So I got up and showered them both and they whined and complained the whole time.

I'm glad I went to bed at a decent hour last night or I'm be a complete grouch today. So Hubby who is also sick is home with them again today. I was just informed a little while ago that Buddy had a sick up and that just is that! SmartGuy is happy to be away from the sick house, I dropped him at Daycamp this morning. I'm happy too to be away. I'm not feeling the need to be too mothery today. I give Hubby a break at lunch time and that will be good until I get home at the end of the day.

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Jenny said...

Sometimes you've just had enough and can't do it anymore. I remember those times very well!

I hope they are all getting better now.