Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Well, it's been one of those days, not a bad day just very blah! My two littlest boys are sick again. We noticed Bubba was having some sleep in his eyes on Thursday night and it's stayed since, he's woken up with crusty eyes for the last few mornings and I took him in on Monday morning and it's not pink eye. So we stayed home, all of us minus the husband. So I had them home with me since Thursday afternoon around 2pm. Today my husband thankfully volunteered to stay home with the sick ones while I went to work.

I'm feeling sort of down on myself and managed to find a friend to have a beer with me. I'm not upset or angry or sad or anything like that, it's mom syndrome I think. I just needed out of the house and to have some girl time, just to shoot the shit, talk and not have to worry about my kids. So I feel somewhat better but still feeling that pull.

Always I feel pulled in many directions with so much on my plate and not enough me time but alas, that comes with being a parent. I savour my alone time with my husband at night whether we are sitting having a conversation or just in the same room doing different things. It's nice to have him around. I love him dearly.

I'm feeling stuck in a while, not able to make myself get enough sleep, work on the course, my writing, my reading, scrapbooking whatever they take too much thought at times. I find myself reading mostly to past my time or to fall asleep to. I haven't done much in the way of watching what I eat or getting my exercise lately. I'm going to bed shortly and hopefully I'll get enough sleep even with Bubba still waking up the way he does.

I'm contemplating whether I should go back on the pill, after I stopped my periods were still pretty normal but my acne had acted up a lot. But I decided to try the Proactive and it's working rather nicely. But my last few periods have been very long, this time my longest ever 12 days so far, yes, so far. If my next one is like this then I will go to the doctor but at the moment I'm not too worried about it, just slightly. I think that covers everything on my mind lately. I've been meaning to post some new pictures but I put those on my other computer and I hardly ever get on there accept to just download them. Until n ext time.

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