Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday morning...

I woke up early this morning before everyone else, it was very nice. I managed to get a workout in and started making banana bread when my youngest Bubba woke up. He was up for some cuddling before I went back and finished making the bread.

Last week the busiest week I've seen in awhile. Friday night I went to the ladies night I had planned on and brought my Mushroom turnovers with my friend who invited me. Everyone said they like my turnovers but there was a lot of really great food there. I had a lot of fun and laughed so much that night.  We dwindled down to 8 people near 11pm or so and we planned a couple of games, so that was a lot of fun to. But it was just nice to visit with some women that I don't usually hang out with or see very often. I'm very glad that I went.

Two of the guests did say they saw a bear at two separate times on the road on the way up, the lower road that over looks the subdivision where I live. Which was weird because we heard the neighbours shoot a gun and at one point my friend and another friend were sitting out by the fire and were sure we heard growling because we all jumped up and were looking around the woods but it wouldn't have been close because they had quit a bit of brush cleared back.

The rest of the weekend promised to be a slow and relaxing one, as I didn't plan to do anything. The house was clean from me being home most of the week. We had a late breakfast on Saturday and the kids went out to play. Hubby later went out to his shop and I was taking the kids to check out a yard sale. Where we bought two floor color books, they are huge and I bought a cute little serving bowl.

After that I decided to go visit my parents who we found in the garden picking and digging. My dad was digging potatoes, Bubbas was sleeping, Buddy decided to do some painting with his new coloring book at the picnic table, I picking cranberries and SmartGuy and my mom picked peas. It was a busy and nice couple of hours. I went home with berries to do something with and the biggest cucumber I've ever seen. The kids had fun, Bubba did wake up before we left and got a visit while we shucked peas. Buddy also decided to rite the snowmobile (pretened to), it was really cute.

So our evening was pretty uneventful except we were told by another kid in the neighbourhood that a bear was seen running the down the street.

Sunday was another slow start but mom came over for lunch of Chicken soup. Then she stayed to watch Bubba who fell asleep before we left so we could take the older two fishing. So off we went. There's this one spot that Hubby likes to go so we went there it's close to his shop. So SmartGuy is right into it and casting off and there's Hubby doing his thing. So Buddy has a couple of goes and gets bored so I use the rod and move down a bit. Hubby catches a fish right off and it's a good size fish. Buddy is worried about me falling in the river and stepping in the dog shit he saw that was close to me, good thing he saw because I didn't.

Then Buddy had to go to the bathroom and we had to go back. I had spotted some berries so we left Hubby and SmartGuy fishing and Buddy and I whipped home since we are less than 5 minutes away from home, Man we love the Yukon. So I grab a bucket and at this point Buddy decides no he doesn't need to go.

Back we go to the river. I picked berries and Hubby fishes the kids take turns doing both, since we are less that twenty feet apart. I filled my bucket to the top pretty much of High Bush Cranberries, they were so red, plump and juicy. I have to find a recipe that works to make jelly. Hubby and SmartGuy caught 4 fish. SmartGuy caught his first fish ever, 2 in fact and was so proud. He had those fish for dinner last night with some potatoes from my garden and I tried this new thing at the store where you microwave veggies with this cheesy sauce, it wasn't bad at all.

So that was all good. We heard the bear was seen again and the kids came over to our house to play. The were inside playing hide-and-seek, very reminiscent of my youth.

So a very nice weekend all together. I now have to find some recipes for canning cucumber, tomatoes and my cranberries.


Amber said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your adult time with friends. It sounds like it was really fun! And it kills me how you're like, "Eh. There were reports of bears." O. M. G. That's crazy! LOL!

siuan329 said...

Gosh, I'm terrified of bears, I'm very paranoid even though the bear is probably long gone now, at least I hope it is. I have to face my fears though because it's not very likely a bear would stick around so I managed to get out in the garden tonight and pick my carrots all the while listening intently to the bushes behind our house.

heather said...

hi there so enjoyed reading this post. love H

Jenny said...

We usually have quite a few bears hanging around here but this is the first summer I haven't seen any at all! I wonder where they are?