Thursday, September 18, 2008

I promised to write about the boys, so I will.

They are growing so much it's crazy.

Bubba now has moved from being an infant at daycare to a toddler and seems to be getting better at the whole listening and following a schedule. His teacher said he is doing good. He's not talking a lot but that is too be expected I think with two older brothers who didn't talk until after they were 2 years old. He is signing though we've not been consistant with it as usual but we do use it quite a bit to help him communicate. He's 20 months now so it's a difficult age because he can't communicate a lot and he's discovering new stuff and exploring things, so he's a little more vocal when something isn't working or he's not getting his way.  He's still very much into help out, using a broom or a cloth to help clean. He more obsessed with shoes lately by puting every pair he finds on whether it's his brothers or his dads. He still likes bringing people their shoes but makes them feel like they should leave, haha!

Buddy is Buddy, he's always good and happy, most of the time anyway. He's doing really well at Daycare and his Headstart program.  Which reminds me I'm going to have to start his Graduation vest and slippers, more beading. Gosh, I'm out of practice, at least I'll have something to work on now at Tuesday craft nights once Bubba's scrapbook is done! I'm so close. Anyway, Buddy is going great his behavior has improved somewhat with the listening as we've been more consistant and follow though with whatever we use as discipline, so he's not so spoiled anymore. This week though he's been very needy and not wanting to dress himself or get ready to leave the house unless there is a bribe of tv or a treat. So we have to watch that and make sure it doesn't continue. He's come a long way in the last year since he started working with the speech worker. He still says things to quickly or can't pronounce certain words and he gets made if you don't understand him but really tries to make you understand by repeating or as a last resort using a sign. He's such a good boy. He's grown taller too and you can see his body slimming.

SmartGuy is doing exceedingly well this year so far compared to last year. He seems to know what he's doing for his homework and his reading well has always been good. He seems to be doing well in his class behaviorwise and he comes home in the middle of the day for lunch to unwind and he does get silly. He needs that break in the day for sure. He just had his 7th Birthday and we are having his Birthday Party this weekend, it will be crazy because there will be something like 17 kids if they all come. He invited his whole class. I've decided that this will be his last big birthday party. I have three boys to have parties for every year so I just can't continue doing that big of a party, I'll go broke. We got him a little scooter to push around the neighbourhood and a bean bag chair. He loved them both. He's very much into the Wii right now but we've limited it to evening or weekends as long as his chores or homework is done but if it's nice outside that is where he goes. I'm very proud of him.

My other boy, my big boy, my husband is busy as usual. Right now he's doing some work for his sister at her hair salon and he's almost finished that. He's got one drawer that he's working on for my friends kitchen and he needs to put the glass in it. He's got lots of things to do, I need shelves at home in the laundry room and he has to service his snow sweeper and snow blower as it's getting close to when it will snow—I'd say in the next few weeks. Oh plus I think he said something about as friend of ours needing him to put something up in the log cabin our friends are building. It's looking good, I saw it last night!

I'm doing very well, I'm back in the game. I've gone for 3 or 4 walks this week, including one this morning and I've done my Pilates 4 days in a row but I was a bit sore this morning Bubba crawled into my bed at midnight but I was too tired to move him, I really have to work on that he's doing it more often I've noticed. But other than that I feel the change happening, you know when you go from being too tired and sore to workout to being gungho about getting it in. Like I said before I discovered during my last exercise endevour before Bubba was born that I love the burn from a good workout because then I know something is happening. But this morning my back was sore when I was walking and hurt even worse when I sucked my stomach in.  The burn in my legs is good because I know they are getting stronger, I can't wait until I start doing longer walks because after a while the burn goes away and your legs are just loose then and you dont' feel the burn, I love it. So I have to keep it up. I'm being more active in going to my weightloss sites and I started watching The Biggest Loser last night and I cried. It's just so motivating and inspirational. I'd taken a little break from the courses I've been working on but now I'm getting back to it. So I'm a busy mom again. I just need little breaks once in awhile to clear my head.


preTzel said...

Hey D! Your boys are growing wayyy too fast. Good for you on the exercising.

And did you say that "S" word? Girl, I'm gonna wash your mouth out with soap! I am so not ready for that white crap. Mr. just mentioned today that Monday is the first day of Autumn. I want summer back!

Amber said...

The boys sound like they're all doing great! :o)

I really wanted to comment on your getting back into your workouts! Keep up the good work!!!