Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The weekend went by wonderfully. We had SmartGuy's birthday on Saturday and I was shaking in my boots from worry about how many kids were going to show up. He invited his whole class plus 1 and luckily only 7 showed up. It was crazy enough with that amount.

Today I woke up and finally feel like I can say goodbye to summer. It was cool and crisp this morning but no frost on my van as there was yesterday. I also woke up feeling like crap and I`m not too sure why. I`m tired and achy, my body feels tired and i have no concentration, I just feel out of it. It`s a really weird feeling. I opted to stay home today, I was only going to stay home this morning as I have guilt about not being at work and my boss is away this week hunting, so hence the guilt. But I felt worse by lunch time than I did this morning so I drove my son to daycamp as he`s off school for a the rest of the week and changed my sign at the office. It hasn`t been busy but I can`t help that feeling like I`ll be pissing someone off if I`m not there. I hate that feeling and I hate that I`m the kind of person who worries about what other people think.

This is even making me want to nap so I`m going to sign off quickly today.

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