Sunday, November 16, 2008

Almost the end of my first day.

My day has been some what stressful. I'm not sure why but the state of my house is starting to cause me stress again. I can't keep up. I've tried all day and I'll clean one spot or get the kids to clean a spot and then five minutes later it looks like I didn't do a thing. All day, it was a losing battle.

While I have a little more incentive to change my lifestyle, it doesn't take away my life. I'm not different from many people in the world but right now I feel so overwhelmed. I'm not sure why I'm feeling so different lately. It's been a few weeks now and I've got just so down. I'm really trying to snap out of it.

So most of the day was okay. I didn't have any Pepsi and I drank lot's of water.


I had chicken soup for lunch just plain ol' Lipton. For supper, I had mashed potatoes, chicken and stir-fried veggies of onion, mushrooms, spinach, red peppers and snap peas. Now for the things I shouldn't have ate but did and for the most part I will say that I had a better day than usual. 1 Hershey's kiss, 1 chocolate cupcake, a small bowl of Lay's less salt chips. I also had one slice of cheese, an apple and a small yogurt. My portions for dinner weren't small but weren't as bigs they normally are and I waited until my tummy was growling on a couple of occasions before I ate.

Overall, I had a really good day. I didn't get as much exercise as I had hoped for my first day. I really wanted to get outside with the kids but my own negativity kept me in and kept me on point all day about my stupid dirty house and nothing changed. I feel like I'm going in circles, I didn't get what I wanted done and I let the kids push every nerve I had. It was a bad day that way and I hoe to do better.

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