Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 2

I started the day off by sleeping in.  But I got 7 hours sleep so I wasn't stressed. Hubby made breakfast of poached eggs for Buddy, himself and I and scrambled for the other two boys. I had one and a half pieces of toast.  So we got off but were late for everything.

I got to work and the boys immediately left. I found half a kinder egg in my pocket and ate it, there can't be too many calories in there can there. Later I had an apple and orange after having a green tea. I felt full after the apple but still ate the orange just cause. Still need to get a hold of my eating.

So at lunch because I had to go out with SmartGuy to get a birthday present for a party he was invited to we went out for lunch. My mom joined us and a friend of Marcel's (Hubby). I ordered a Thai Chicken Wrap for Marcel and I. SmartGuy got a grilled cheese with fries. I also got  an order of onion rings to share with Hubby but when it was served up there were onion rings on both of our plates. So I gave some to SmartGuy and our two guests and only ate a few of them. I had some coco milk(i'm using code because the last time I used the elongated word for coco, some site linked to me and used my blog entry). So I'm going to avoid that word for a bit.

This afternoon has been great, I had a green tea and 3 oatmeal biscuits at my break. 

I walked to pick up SmartGuy today. Hubby drove us to the store to pick up the present and then I walked back to work.  So far so good, though my pedometer is reading 9000 steps already, I'mgoing to have to check it but I don't think I've walked that many already.

My job is an office job where I sit on my tush all day at a desk until sometone comes in. Today though I have been moving more than usual because I've had numerous people come in and last week I didn't change my desk around in hopes that it would bolster walking a bit more in the office. I leave the house to the van, the van to the daycare and back, from the van to the office and then around the office. I walked to pick up SmartGuy from school, to the rink for lunch and then from the book store to the office supply store back to the clothing store and back to the office. Even then 9000 seems like a lot. So we'll see how it work out in the end.

I think I've only every made it to 10,000 steps when I've walked to town and back from home during the summer.

And just so you know, I'm and everyday weigher. I weighed 1 pound less today than I did yesterday. Today I made up and signed a little contract between my mom and myself. So wish me luck!

I'm sure I will check in later and everyday of this challenge. I love journaling this it keeps me focused.

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