Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 3

Current Weight: 319

Down 3 lbs.

So I ended my day last night with my pedometer reading 10025. Which I think is a total fluke!

It was a pretty good night. We had caribou spaghetti sauce with macaroni noodles. I had one serving. I did have a handful of chips before dinner too but that was all I ate. No snacking.

I didn't sleep very well, I went to bed at 9:30 but couldn't sleep and got up three 3 times during the night with the kids. Bubba climbed in at some point as well but I'm not sure when. I fear I will never break that habit. So I slept until 7am.

Another mellow morning getting the kids ready. SmartGuy took the bus today. Hubby made breakfast for us again, this time it was boiled eggs and toast. I had two of each. I planned on bringing my lunch today and forgot to make something so I drove home quickly on my break and made myself a salad. So on my lunch break I did a bit of walking to do my errands - mail, store and back to work but I did a broader walk by going a couple of block wide. My legs were killing me when I got back.  It's tough walking in winter boots and the snow. I haven't really done it in awhile and I have to get used to it.

I had a great salad for lunch. Carrots, snap peas, cucumbers and some cooked chicken on a bed of lettuce with some golden Italian dressing. It was nice and crunchy. I had a banana after that. Unfortunately I went to the store. I bought bananas and the dressing but on impulse I bought the Ritter Sport 50% Cocoa bar. 6 small pieces is 190 calories. So far I've eaten 9 pieces. So I got some tea to get that taste out of my mouth and ended up having 3 biscuits. So, that was my slip for the day and I'll move on and keep on moving to use up those extra calories. I'm not calorie counting but trying to watch what I eat more as well as follow the Canada Food Guide.

We have meetings tomorrow and a coworker from down south just walked in with a bunch of processed cupcakes from the grocery store. I turned them down! Yeah!

I'm definitely feeling like it's time for the change. I've had a few signs as well. On Sunday there were shows on TLC about super morbidly obese people and them getting gastric bypass, it was called Half Ton Mom/Half Ton Dad. It was kind of an awakening. It was also interesting to see how easily one can get into a rut, into a routine and just put the weight on and not notice it until one day you can't even move. It's was really sad to watch.

Another almost sign, was that I have an account with Bloglines.com, where I set it up to see if the blogs I read have been updated. In January one of the bloggers that I read passed away from cancer. I knew of her from 3fatchicks.com. She was inspirational and so positive. There hasn't been a post on her blog since her partner announced her passing. Yesterday my blog account showed new posts. There weren't any new post but it got me reading her again.

The focus is back I think. I feel like it's there. It's funny that it only takes a few days to get back into a frame of mind for this. I'm feeling good!

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