Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 4

It's already day 4? Wow, time is going by fast or it just seems that way.

Current Weight: 318 (told you I was a daily weigh-er)

Down 4lbs.

Okay, so I don't even know where i left off yesterday. I'll start with some big things in my life right now, stress! I have stress out the whazoo! From my house, my eternity dirty house, finances and sleep. I'm shitting eggrolls about finances but we won't even talk about it here.

These things will mostly like never change. A year from now we will be in a way better place I'm hoping, well a year and a half. And we'll have two kids in school full time so that will be a bigger relief and our major loan should be paid off by then.

Every morning I seem to wake up with two kids in my bed and only because my husband leaves very early in the morning if it's snowing. If he was home they'd get kicked out! And I'd get some sleep. But I usually sleepily just move over and then eventually get crowded out of my bed or into an uncomfortable position because my boys are snugglers and I've gotten past that.

I do family bed for the first year of my children's lives and I nurse them. Then they get weaned out of my bed and off the breast. For some reason it's not working with my youngest and now my middle child is constantly climbing into bed as well. Me, I just want to sleep. I'm so lacking sleep the last year that I can't bring myself to get out of bed to bring them back or I've done it a couple-of times the first half of the night that by morning I'm just too wore out!

My winter schedule did start off wonderfully with me going to bed early and getting up early but then if I do that my kids won't got back to sleep at 5 or 6 am when I am up. It's a real pain and I can't seem to make anything work. So that adds to my stress.

I'm just grateful for my girlfriends I have who I can unload on. Dont' worry they use me for the same thing. Then it's all chitchat and fun times ahead!

So last night I did good, took my oldest boy to his first hockey practice for the season. We then had supper of Ham and Pasta Bake that I took out of the freezer earlier in the day. I stayed up and watched The Biggest Loser, I've been watching all season and that's basically why I haven't been to craft night in 7 weeks. Then I stayed up and watched Eli Stone. I really like that show! So I was in bed at 11pm and didn't fall asleep right away, as has been the case with me lately no matter what time I got to bed.

We woke up early we were all up by 6:30 am. We had cereal and fruit for breakfast and off we went. I had a meeting most of the day and that was when my day didn't start so good and I was off on my eating.

I drank a lot of tea about four cups of it, at snack I had a banana, 2 bran muffins, a couple of slices of apple and a few slices of pineapple. I was full but then lunch came and I had a 1/2 egg salad, 1/2 salmon salad, a small bowl of chili and salad. I just felt stuffed. This after noon I had another bran muffin and a mandarin orange. So I'll need to be more careful with dinner and maybe eat later as I don't think I'll have too much of an appetite for awhile, I still feel full and I'm having a beer or two later with a girlfriend and apparently 1 beer is equal to 2 slices of bread (I learned this on The Biggest Loser last week), maybe we'll have to switch to some hard liquor!

Walk a bit today not much, yesterday the pedometer was almost at 6000 steps and today so far I'm only at around 1500. But I hope to get on the elliptical or treadmill tonight before I go out. I'm still feeling better than usual mood-wise and I did some reading for one of my courses over lunch so that felt good to do as I got 3 more courses in the mail today!

Have a great night!

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