Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 5

Current Weight 320

Down 2lb.

I wasn't surprised at the weight and so I'm not bummed about it. It's a total reflection on my eating yesterday. I over did it during the day, I had 1 1/2 salmon sandwiches for dinner and then I went to friends house and had two beer. So I knew that there would be some issue with the weight this morning but it wasn't an issue. I also realized that even when not dieting or doing a lifestyle change there are so many factors in life and you can have a 10 pound weight range in one day.

Sleep is my biggest obstacle right now. I need sleep to have the proper rest, your body also burns more calories when you have a nice long sleep. I'd also be able to go to bed at a proper time and get up at a decent hour to exercise. Right now my only exercise has been walking when I can. It will happen.

But I have notice a big change in my attitude this morning, life doesn't feel so helpless anymore. I don't know if its a condition of the change I'm going through or I got to talk to a friend last night. But not even really talk about my problems just hung out and chit chatted.

I notice that with myself even though I'm a quiet shy person and I like spending time by myself alot every once in awhile I get the urge to be with my girls and my one friend is really good about calling me to invited me over for a beer every couple of weeks. I'm a weirdo like that I don't just drop in on people, I have to have an invite. I'm like that with everyone except my parents pretty much. Weird trait!

I did have 2 smoke last night as well but dont' have the urge to smoke all the time. I do that to myself, cheat I guess. Have a smoke every once in awhile.

I haven't had a Pepsi all week so far and I feel really great about that. The only chocolate I had was the dark chocolate which I just had the last 4 little pieces of because I'm hungry or I'm telling myself I am. I didn't have breakfast this morning in the rush to get out of the house. My van didn't start this morning and I was lucky it didn't snow last night because Marcel was home to give me a boost. I did bring a couple of apples and a banana which I ate one of each. I brought yogurt and cereal but we had no milk at home or here at work, so Ifigure I'll pop t the store in a bit to grab some milk to have my cereal. I think the reason I'm doing well with not having the sweets is that I've been eating more fruit.

I seem to be doing good in a few food departments, drinking green tea, avoiding the bad carbs for the most part, no soda or sweets, eating lot's of fruit and veggies. So yes, I feel good about all that and I'm sure I'll continue to see results over the coming weeks.

Now to just work in some more exercise. My next goal.

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