Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 6

Current Weight: 318

Down 4lbs. I feel good but feel like I have wasted one day. Okay now I'm going to move on.

So yesterday I did way better. I had a sandwich at lunch and hamburger helper for dinner. I could have eaten more vegetables but I didn't. I did munch on a few carrots last night. Overall I don't think I ate too much that day. In the morning I had my two apples, banana and yogurt.

Today so far I've had 1 bowl of corn squares with milk, a bit of a banana (shared with Bubba), an apple, a green tea and a peanut butter sandwich with butter.

I'll walk at lunch by going to get SmartGuy from school and then I'll walk him back after lunch. It is a bit chilly today with the wind.

I did some housework yesterday, Marcel took SmartGuy to soccer and my brother and his family came to visit, so that was  nice time. Not much else happened or is happening. I'm Hockey Mom again tonight and then the weekend is here with no special plans. I'm hoping to get my house totally clean that's include clean toilet and working on the walls. I had great walls and then all of a sudden one day the middle child took to writing on the walls and I've been hiding the writing implements. He keeps finding them though. And like other things I can't keep up with my clean walls are now a disaster so this weekend I'm pulling out the Magic Eraser and the Oxyclean and going to town.

Now that I'm feelign good I don't feel to hectic or overwhelmed when I look at my house and that's a big step. I'll write more later. I busy today and have been all week.

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