Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 10

Weight is still 316. No change from yesterday.

Which is okay. I was sick yesterday. My morning went great. I had lunch with Hubby and that was good. All through lunch I was getting cramps and I was thinking AF was coming remember I mentioned that earlier. I had the hot beef with mashed potoatoes and veggies. I ate all my veggies and half the meat and potoatoes.

I got back to work and within 10 minutes I had to go to the bathroom. We'll just say that I had to go home half an hour later. I didn't feel good for most of the afternoon but I did get a few things done, like some dishes, laundry(actually my mom folded about half of it that was left over from the night before) and started supper for the boys inbetween my bathroom duty. I'm just not sure how to put that politely.

I made soup and chilli with the caribou meat and I also made some oven baked bannock. It was good. I did eat too much bannock, 2 pieces. I love bannock still warm from cooking. My night was pretty mellow and I went to bed pretty early which was good because Bubba was up twice in the middle of the night coughing and crying for awhile each time. He's home for the second day in a row with his Nana. Poor Buddy wants to be sick so he can stay home.

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