Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 9

Current Weight: 316

Down 6 lbs. So there's the fluctuation I was talking about. Sucks but I'll just keep going.

Yesterday was a real downer day for me, my AF must be coming for a visit soon. Could explain the gain too! We will see. I still got some good sleep. Bubba slept and I got to watch Dexter and then off to bed. It was a really good episode too! Of course, Bubba would up and came to bed with me but he only woke up twice. He's definitely on the mend. He stayed home with his Nana this morning and he's loving that.

I packed SmartGuy a lunch and sent Buddy off to daycare with dad. I arranged to have a couple of hours off first thing to get some stuff done. It was stressing me out and hubby said he was going to go in with a garbage bag and get rid of everything except blocks and books.

I got rid of a lot of toys but not everything. I packed away the cars and a few action figures and they are in boxes up in the closet of the play room and they will not be getting them down for a long, long time.  I'm just thinking about the play table with train set  and the lego I ordered for them for Christmas. Wow! I sure know how eh? The only things they have to play with right now are the mega blocks, medium sized lego, little people and stuffed animals. The stuffed animals are harder for me to get rid of but the boys said that was their favorite toys. I really should get rid of the Little People but I just keep hanging on. I could pass them on the my brothers stepson, he likes LIttle People. I really need to down size their puzzles and books, they just have too much! The things we kept keep them busy for hours and they are growing collections. The lego I just ordered are the smaller lego, both kids love them and I ordered the boards so they can build on them. One for each of them so they don't fight over it. The only thing I really need to get for Christmas now are their pajamas and stocking stuffers. I need to come up with some good stocking stuffer ideas this year.

We are going to the City on the 19th of December. I'll be getting my long service award or something for being at my job for 10 years. So I'll get some stuff then. I was thinking of getting them each one action figure like Iron Man.

Today so far for eating I've had 2 scrambled eggs, with one piece of toast with 1 tsp. becel and a glass of milk. I got to work and had my apple and a cup of green tea. I'm meeting Hubby for lunch, so we'll see how well I can do when we go to a real restaurant. I'll be back on later.


Jenny said...

But you've done so well with weight loss! I'd love to have lost six instead of gained them!

Just out of curiosity, when you say the City, which one is that?

siuan329 said...


siuan329 said...

6lb is great and I'm so happy. I was just making a statement about the ups and downs. I'm feeling pretty good about the changes.