Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 12

Current Weight: 310

Down 12 lb. Unbelieveable eh?

That number was crazy when I came up but I was quite happy. I hope my scale is being accurate with me. It's kind of hard to believe that I would lose that just by watching what I eat and walking. Cripes, what was I eating before this that the weight went ons so quickly.

I'm happy, very happy with the results, having lost 15lbs in two weeks. I can't wait until my official Sunday weigh-in to see how I'm do. I'm feeling really great about it and it's beginning to turn my negative thinking positive and that is what I've been waiting and hoping for. This is the frame of mind I needed to get into, the one I've been looking for for months and months. I've so happy right now.

The boys are still sick, poor little guys. Bubba is on the mend for the most part. Last night I decided it was time for me to get my bed back and save my back. So I put Bubba in his own bed, it took an hour  for him to fall asleep and I went to bed right after he did so at about 8:45. He did come to our room at almost midnight and stayed there the rest of the night. For the first time I feel like i got a great sleep.

Buddy is doing okay, he beat the fever but is still coughing and looking rather worse for wear. One thing that has be concerned and we are going to the doctor this afternoon for it, is his eyes have blood shot spots. I thought maybe it was from coughing but he's not coughing that hard at all. He has more of a body cold where he's just blah!

SmartGuy doesn't seem to be affected. Though Tuesday nights hockey practice was pretty bad but it could be that he was tired because he went to public skating after school. He was complaining about everything and crying about it. Plus, I noticed that the whole day he seemed kind of wired. We stayed at the rink for dinner just him and I and he liked that but when we were trying to get his gear on he just kept talking and there were two other boys in the change room from his class and they just got louder and SmartGuy just kept going. It's been like that a few days now.

I got a call from the teacher last night. It wasn't anything bad just that he needs to mind his business and we've already been working on that at home and it's hard because we ask him to let us know if his brothers are getting into things they shouldn't be and then get made at him for being a tattle tale. It can be very confusing and confusing not just to him but to us. Because trying to realize that maybe he doesn't understand a time and place and maybe not always being fair with him. It's such a fine line sometimes but I'm working on it. He's not the only one though, it's him and two others in his class seeming to nitpit each other and try to get a rise and a reaction from the teacher. I did have a talk with him, so we'll see how it goes.

So either he's too tired from all his activities or he's getting the cold from his brothers. We shall see.

So I was up at 5am this morning and I walking 2 miles with Walk Away the Pounds (WATP). I got the play on the computer and then have a shower all before any of the kis were up. They all slept in until 7:30, brats! But I made them breakfast and Nana showed up to watch the little guys and off we went to start our day.

 Last night for dinner I made shake'n'bake bake chicken with basmati rice and frozen corn and a side salad. I admit I ate the skin and I shouldn't have. So far today I had an mandarin orange, 2 french toast with some maple syrup and a glass of milk.  I'm drinking my green tea and had another orange and am working on my apple right now. Oh and drinking my water everyday.

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