Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Later that day....

So I walked to the doctor, it was a hike and I felt it in my legs. It's all the snow I have to walk on makes it uneven. So that was good. I'm getting a bunch of blood work down just to make sure I'm on the up and up and then we'll focus on the weight loss. I told her about the last few months with me gaining so much weight and what I've started and she seemed fine with it. I'll talk to her again when my blood work comes in. Had lunch with a friend and I ate healthy. A Thai Chicken Wrap and a salad with some milk. I've eaten an apple and 3 biscuits this after noon, drank water, had another green tea and a hot chocolate. A good day so far. We are having chicken today.

On my walk from the the doctor's I realized that I've actually lost an additional 3 pounds that I didn't count. See my brother called me on the Thursday and I talk to my mom and she told me what my brother weighed I felt embarrassed because I weigh more than him. It's so weird. So I had a few days to lose a few pounds before my official weigh in and I did in fact lost 3 pounds because I was 325 when I talked to my brother. So.. technically I've actually lost 11 pounds but 3 don't count toward the challenge but I'll bring them up if I need to. ;)

Additionally my hubby has lost something like 15lbs since he started back to work. His physical winter job gives him a lean body (and beautiful shoulders I love to look at and touch. ...mmmmmm)but he's got some crazy chicken legs, I tell. I still love him and find him sexy though. But in just a few weeks he's lost that much. Men! At least he is doing good that way. Now we could all just use some sleep. My mom said the boys seem to be doing okay for now and are playing instead of lying on the couch and being little lumps. Awww!

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