Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 13

Is it superstitious if it' s Friday and I'm on day 13?

Current Weight: 315
Down 7lbs.

So there we go with the flucuations again! Well, it's all good no matter what and I don't feel bad about it. I will admit I was feeling a bit cocky yesterday and did go off my eating pattern. Lunch yesterday was Caribous(hamburger) soup and a slice of bread. Later after I took Buddy to the doctor we stopped at the video store, I got a medium popcorn and a small bag of m and m's. Terrible, self control on my part. Later for dinner I had 1 whole piece of pizza, a fairly large salad and the topping off another piece of pizza. I made fat free chocolate pudding and topped with with cool whip later for a dessert. I was under in my foods but way over in my fat yesterday. Even though I haven't been watching my fats too closely.

I was in bed pretty early last night but played on the computer and read for a bit. Bubba joined me at quater to 10 and we both feel to sleep. I was up at 5:45. I did the 3 mile WATP with stretchy band, it's about a 46 min workout. I felt great afterward.

For breakfast I had a few pieces of pears, 2 slices of toast with butter and 3 boiled eggs. I only planned on two eggs but then ended up eating another when Bubba refused to take it from me. So I shouldn't be hungry for awhile, though I was nibbling on some blueberries I brought with me. I'm drinking my green tea right now and have been sipping water all morning.

Darn it, I just realized that I was supposed to do a fasting, my bloodwork appointment was in 20 minutes but I had to cancel because I ate breakfast. I rebooked for Monday.

I'm so glad that I'm back to exercising. My brother wants to go skating again on Saturday. So we will do that. He also wants to hike the powerline on Sunday. Okay! I had jokingly suggested it when we first started but really! Behind the town we live in is a mountain,it's afairly small mountain, I think it takes 2 hours to walk to the top of it if you take the road. I'm guessing here because I've never done it but this is what I heard. My brother used to run up it in high school with his dog, though he lived with my parents at the time who lived half way up the mountain. The poweline only goes about half way up as well, I don't know exact measurements but it's pretty much straight up hill.

Yesterday at dinner (my parents and my brother and his family were over) I suggested that I was ready to do the loop now. The loop is basically the going up the old road from down and coming back down or going from the old road to the new road that comes out outside of town. I've done the loop about a dozen times over the last year or two, seriously I can't remember but I think it was after Bubba was born, I'd walk it with a friend of mine. Hi S!!! Good luck with the baby on Monday, only 3 more days!!Yeah!! Yay!!!

So anyway.I guess I'll try to climb it on Sunday. Have a great day everyone!

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