Friday, November 28, 2008

The rest of the day....

The rest of my day was not the best. The boys sure take it out of me.  Once I was off work at noon my eating just got bad. SmartGuyh wanted kraft dinner so I made that and hot dogs.I had my portion, about a cup of kd and 2 hotdogs and while cleaning up I nibble on another hotdog and some more kd. I tried not to snack but I did snack and I'm not sure why. I snack on chips and I had two mini chocolate bars. For dinner I broiled some hamburgers and made a potato salad. So I had one hamburger on a bun with 1/2 slice of cheese with mushrooms and onions. I had 1 cup of the potato salad. I didn't eat it all as I was kinda full.  Tonight I had a bowl of Just Right cereal, I wasn't even hungry but it was my favorite cereal.

I'm not going to beat myself over it but I'll just continue on and do the best that I can and move forward and not dwell.

I did about 8400 steps on my pedometer today, I'm very happy about that.

I know my post are probably pretty boring for you but I'm basically using this as my journal to make everything down good or bad. I'm going to down play the weigh-ins and only focus on my weekly weigh-ins. I'll still post the daily but have them at the bottom and not have them be the main focus.

I'm still moving forward. I'm happy I'm getting the exercise fit in now.

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