Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 15

Half way through the day and realized I hadn't posted yet. We've been having a good day. Hubby was home for the morning, he just left a bit and will be back in half an hour.  We've just been doing this and that around the house. I folded laundry and watched a movie earlier. The I got all the kids dressed and outside. We cleaned off the trampoline of the snow. I can't believe how much snow we've actually got.

Bubba didn't last outside for too long, he kept falling in the snow face first. Poor guy. So I sent him inside to dad and the other two helped and then Buddy was too tired so he went in. SmartGuy and I got the job done. He went inside the net and I just pulled what I could off while he pushed it. It was about 45 minutes of work, my arms were sore afterward.

Food today has been okay. I should be drinking tea but I"m having a hot chocolate, it seems to keep the edge off. I had cereal first thing and then later in the morning I had two poached eggs on a piece of toast with 2 of the sausage rounds. For lunch we had soem caribou chilli with some maccaroni noodles. I'm doing okay.

I don't feel too bad, I had a few bad days and now I'm looking at doing better. My brother too said he was having a couple of bad days.

I've started reading Are you Ready? by Bob Harper the trainer from The Biggest Loser. I'm hoping it will prove to have some motivation or inspiration to keep me going through down times.

Okay, so my offical weigh in today was 314lbs. So down 8 lbs from the starting weight. I'm hoping to get back to 310 this week. But we shall see how it goes. I'm still feeling pretty good about everything.

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