Thursday, November 06, 2008

Deep thinking today.

Like millions of people around the world I watched as Barack Obama was made President-elect of the United States of America and I was happy for them. A little jealous that they now have a leader who is so inspirational and gets the people behind him. We haven't had that in a long time here in Canada. While it was an historic event is that he was the first African-American man elected, this election also marked a set back in human equality with their Prop 8 in California. Where people voted against same sex marriage. I'd find it almost laughable if it wasn't so disturbing.

I'm a proud Canadian for many, many reasons. Some being that here in Canada, one can marry their partner even if they are of the same sex, though I'm not really sure about it being that way up here in the Yukon but I have friends that traveled down to Atlin, BC and got married. I'm sure it wouldn't be long before that was possible here. Our healthcare which isn't the greatest is still better than some countries. Everyone is helped not matter their color or status or wealth. Yes, the wealthier I guess can pay for procedures to get service right away. There is a wait for some things but I've never heard of a bad experience but I'm sure they are out there. My own father had Cancer and was treated over 20 years ago, he had a triple (I think it as a triple) bypass almost two years ago now and my brother-in-law also went through the heart procedure and then later had a blood clot in the brain. He's still living and healthy. Okay I've gone off topic.

Many, many of the people I know on-line are American at a variety of boards and blogs. I find them to be warm and caring people, they are mostly women who are in an array of professions with different backgrounds, religions, and all have very strong opinions of what they believe in. They are intelligent, funny and witty.  I love this about them. They are women I am very proud and privileged to know. Now every time there is an election I notice the sides form and the debates brim over from debate boards onto regular boards on more than one forum.

I believe that every person has their own agenda, their own beliefs and opinions and they are entitled to them. I never begrudge someone for having a mind of their own. They can believe in whatever they want as long as they are not pushing it on me and trying to change my mind just as I don't do it to them. This is one reason why I don't participate in the debates but I do read every once in awhile to see where things stand.

My buttons have been pushed lately, one topic being the same sex marriages and religious beliefs being brought into it. I don't talk usually about what I believe in or not. It's my personal business but I think today I will. No one has to believe in what I believe it, I just want to put out there, my thoughts.

And after just taking a break and thinking this through I won't got into my belief system. I believe in God and that is all I will say I guess unless something comes up while I'm writing here that needs me to go into further detail.

Now if you believe in God, then I assume you must believe that we were all made equal. We are all the same as far as we have hearts that beat and lungs that breath. To me God created us all and he is inside of us all and he is what makes us good, kind and compassionate people who don't hate and accepts everyone for who they are(in an ideal world I guess). So when I hear people taking about how their religious beliefs can't accept same sex marriages, that it is wrong then I have to shake my head. Yes they are entitled to their opinions and beliefs but I can't accept that God is the reason. I'm sorry I just can't. I don't think it would change my opinion of someone but it would just be something that would be hard to accept and try to move on as hard as it may be.

I guess I just can't wrap my head around why anyone would discriminate about what goes on behind closed doors. I don't care what goes on behind the closed doors of those married people who are man and wife and I'm sure there is some pretty kinky shit that I don't want to know about going on there so why would that be different than not caring about what goes on behind the same sex couples door. People are afraid of what is different and what they dont' know. You can compare is to any number or inequality issues from the past. In my own past there was inequality for women and Native Americans and the Japanese. But it's the past and we've moved on and we've learned from our mistakes. Everyone in this world has the God given right to equality and peace in their life and happiness. It just makes me so mad that people want to take something so precious to so few away.

I can't go on anymore right now, I do have more to say but I'm getting a bit choked. I was also thinking of those Religions who want to protect the Sanctity of Marriage but with divorce rates so high, I'm just not going to bother. Let them think what they want. I just hope that the Supreme Court overturns that one.

Thanks for putting up with my vent. I try to stay away from topics of Religion and Politics but this really does make my blood boil.

Have a great day everyone!


Cyndi said...

I totally agree with you on the same sex issue. I think it's a human rights issue and we all should be allowed to marry whoever we want. Like a famous comedian said (can't remember who), why should gay people not have the joy of divorce!!!!
PS I am pretty sure we allow same sex marriage in the YT, it was passed a couple of years ago.
PSS Or is it PPS? I can't do anything on my facebook right now but it was Groove in the heart. We watched that late night on TBS in my red house (Wow, really long time ago). We loved it and we were the only 2 in our school who did!!!

heather said...

i don't think the canadian goverenment helps every
one regardless of race or I would'nt have had
to wait 8 years to get 4 impacted wisdom teeth pulled and paid for the trip the hotel and the dentist

siuan329 said...

Yes, you are right. It seems to strange that dental is seperated in the health system. It doesn't make sense. We do have to pay for dental but the general health system, you don't have to pay to see a doctor.

Amber said...

Vent away! You know I sure did. LOL! :o)