Friday, November 07, 2008

Goodbye to Blue....

The one interesting thing about having three boys is that there are hand me downs. Lot's and lots of them! I've also learned that certain clothes or clothes at a certain age start to wither and die. Clothes that aren't up to the task of serving two active and rambucious boys, let alone three.

It's also probably the longer they live in the clothes. The first year and a half they fly through the clothes and grown out of quickly. Then later depending on the kids when they have start and stop growth around 2.5 years and start shooting up again around 3.5. That's the case with my guys.


Blue from Blues' Clues. In demise.  Bubba in his hand-me-downs. He's too cute and growing up too fast.

Buddy is starting to lose his pudge and get long and lean and Bubba is just growing and putting on weight. I think now that he's filling in he's starting to really look like his oldest brother (SmartGuy).

The nice thing about hand-me-downs is that the clothes that I love to put the boys in, will stay around and they can go to each boy as they grow into it. I love that but the one draw back is that —when the clothes wear out or the last boy grows out of the outift off they go to the thrift store. I can't hang onto the clothes because they take up so much room.

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