Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday morning rituals!

I woke up this morning to three guys in my bed. It sounds way better than it is. But in the grand spectrum of it, it was wonderful. My husband works very early in the morning when it snows. He goes to town and cleans the boardwalks of the white fluffy stuff on most businesses in town and a few residents.

Last night I let the kids stay up a bit later than usual to watch Kung Fu Panda. My brother rented it and lent it to us. It was a good excuse to let the kids stay up because just maybe they'll sleep in a little in the morning and I can get some sleep too!

Hubby was in bed before the kids even. He's been working like crazy sine the snow started about two weeks ago. He's getting used to the early schedule again, his body is retraining those muscles. He's been very sore lately, tired and sometimes grumpy because on top of that he's still working on other projects for people that he has to finish. I've been giving him some slack because of this but I've been more grumpy with out the extra help around the house. So I was surprised when he kept up with the laundry for a few days for me, washing only. Or when I came home this week to supper being ready. He's also been picking up SmartGuy from school all week and working on a project for some one on one time.

SmartGuy has been doing great at school but at home has been doing weird behaviour again such as slapping his face and he's not listening as well again. So it's a process we go through and it reminds us to take the time with the kids.

As one commenter pointed out it goes by too fast and I know it. My boys are growing up so fast. I have three very active boys. Bubba is no longer a baby, he's a toddler fast growing into a 2 years old and Buddy is definitely turning into his age. My once compliant and easy going child is turning into a handful. My SmartGuy is just getting too smart for his own good but at the same time I'm in awe of what he knows, talks about and is growing into. Parenting sure is a long process but so worth it.

So did I get to sleep in. A little. 8 am is pretty good in this house. It was nice to snuggle with the boys and then they asked for their Saturday morning tv. I stayed in bed for a little while longer with Bubba who was still asleep until Buddy came in to ask for something while turning on the overhead light. It's still a nice morning.

I'm off to clean my kitchen and make them some pancakes!

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Jenny said...

I still know about the not really sleeping in part because although my kids have long gone, we have five indoor dogs who wake up between five and five thirty each morning to be let out!!! I said to my hubby the other day that this is not supposed to be the way it is when the kids are gone but we love our dogs, so...

I envy you having snow already! We had a couple of inches two weeks ago but nothing since, just rain.