Friday, November 14, 2008

What to do when you find out your mother is crazy?

Okay, she's not really crazy just unrealistic. Her heart is in the right place but still. So my brother calls me at work today and says how about you and me have a competition and try to lose weight. I've been trying to get my brother to lose weight with me for few months now just half assed attempts to persuade him. He and I compete, we've always been competitors with one another even though we're 5 years apart.

Now the kicker is that my mom is offering my brother and I $1000.00 each to lose 50 lbs. Sounds simple enough but she is giving us 1 month. Crazy and I said that. There is no way I'm going to lose that much weight in that little of time.  My brother said that too but he really wants to look good in a suit when he gets married next summer.

Me, I just want to lose weight and get in shape. So now, my brother and I both have to weigh ourselves and my mom has to know the weights. Which is what I was dreading but I told her and I told my dad too when I saw him this afternoon.

I know I won't lose that much weight but it will hopefully kick-start me into my routine again. Competition aside, I really want to do this and have for months been flagging on getting it started and on it's way. So here I am with a perfect opportunity to start and maybe kick my brother's ass while I'm at it.

Thing is that my brother was always in supreme shape up until after his ex took the kids and depression hit him. But now he's got a beautiful and strong fiance with a great little step-son and a baby on the way. He can do this and I'm one of his biggest supporters. Me, I was always overweight even when I was in the best shape of my life during high school and playing volleyball. I do know that I can do this, I really do!

Money's a great incentive but being with my family for the next 50 odd years is even greater!

So I've done this before and right now it's even harder to do but I have to say my weight. I do think there may be some underlying medical issues but we'll see about that at my doctor's appointment. But I think I could be getting diabetes which the doctor said was likely after having borderline gestational diabetes when I was pregnant, plus I've had a lot of stress and I quit smoking and I've put on a bunch of weight so easily the last few months.  I'm truly mortified at what the numbers are telling me but it's 324. My highest weight ever. I've put on over 30lbs in the last few months and I just have no explanation for it. I'm sick over it. I was doing so well for so long and then this number I just kept seeing it creep up and I didn't know how to stop it.

It's caused me a bit of depression and I'm seeing it all the time now in my body. You know how when you put on weight you don't notice it. Well I notice it all the time now when I look in the mirror.

So I'll keep you updated and I'll work on a plan. We start on Sunday, even though it's supposed to be the 15th.


Jenny said...

I wish you the very, very best!!! It will be hard but if you're determined you can do it.

I am now 60lbs overweight and would love to lose it but it's not easy and I don't know where to start so I don't. That's the easy way out but I'm weak..

Amber said...

We're all behind you! You can do it!!!!

Cyndi said...

I love your mom BUT 1 month! That's not even safe! You should start but check with the doc, you don't want anything bad to happen from losing weight to quickly.
Okay, now you need to provide more updates on your bro on here! I had no idea there was a wedding (although, I did read fiancee a while ago and guessed!) but a baby too? How exciting!
Good luck and be careful!!!
P.S. Have you seen my new blog? Not very exciting but still!

siuan329 said...

Thank you ladies! I know that it'can be unhealthy to lose weight like that and honestly I don't think I'm capable of losing it like that, I just hope to get started in the right directin with this. I need something to get me on track again. It's a long and windy road but I know that I can do it.