Sunday, November 16, 2008

Official Start Day

So today is the day and after yesterday I'm glad. So we went to the Christmas Bazaar. Yeah, I know it's really early and my mom wins a cake and instead of taking it home or giving it to someone else she gives half to each of her children that she's trying to get to lose weight. How smart is that? I wasn't going to go to the Bazaar because I never buy anything except sweets. So I took the two oldest. They did the Fish Pond and had lunch and jello treats. We bought treats for Hubby. Bubba stayed home with Hubby and slept. Buddy stayed with Nana while I took SmartGuy to register for Hockey. So I ate too much sweets yesterday.

Today I did my official weigh-in and it was 322lb. My plan to eat as often as I can but waiting until I'm hungry, looking for hunger cues. I will start off by walking as much as I can and being as phyusical as possible by cleaning my house, playing with the kids and just moving. Maybe dancing around the house more. We used to do that quite often with the kids. The tv will go off more and if I watch something then I'll get on the treadmill or elliptical. At hockey practice I'll walk around the building a few times. I can't imagine the looks if I started walking up and down the hall or running up and down the bleachers, good exercise but I'd feel pretty silly. I'll do what I can.

Some of my biggest challenges will be sweets. I love sweets and that is probably what got me into this mess in the first place. My first one is to give up the Pepsi. I will be working on that starting today, so I'll be drinking more water than usual. I won't be doing any baking for myself and that will be hard because the boys still want me to bake and I will but I'll freeze half and serve them the rest and send for their treats and serve if for their breakfast.

So far today I had the Kellogg's Special K with Strawberries and milk and half a banana. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

I'm going to get the kids outside today and taking them sliding. I hope to get some outside pictures as well.

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