Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Day 17

So, here I am 17 days in. I'm still feeling good just not working as hard as I should. I will continue to work on it.

I don't think I've lost motivation, I think it's just deeper issues with food and my emotions and maybe other issues. The book I'm reading Are You Ready? by Bob Harper seems to dive right into these issue and it's making me think about what I'm feeling about my food and my habits.

My biggest issue is giving up my comfort book. I seem to eat for so many reasons and it's all to do with my emotions, good, bad, sad or bored. What am I afraid of? What am I gaining by staying this way? So many questions to look at. I'm not a emotional avoider I don't think but I very well may be, I'll look deeper into these issues.

My goal right now is to continue with my fitness routine, walking as much as I can and continue to incorporated more into my schedule and a variety of workouts.

Food, I will focus on more fruits and vegetables and less protein. I will focus on portion control. I feel for the most part i have done good. I've only had 2 pepsi's in the last 17 days one being last night when I went a girlfriend's to unwind. I will try not to each too much cake this weekend or eat too much icing!

So I was at 315 this morning, at least it's staying pretty stead and not continuing to go back up. It will get better, even though the number is not moving much I am noticing a change in myself, I have more energy, I don't think I've lost inches yet though I only finally did my inches the other night but I feel some changes in my waist/hips area and I feel happier, I'm not so down and I'm way more positive than I was.

I had a banana this morning and we were running behind this morning, so I didn't get breakfast I picked up 2 egg w/ ham and cheese on an english muffin and a yop and as a total impulsive buy got a Cadbury snowmen w/ caramel. Now I'm drinking my Green tea.

So this morning instead of my workout I did some cleaning, more picking up and putting away, so I got the playroom cleaned up (it's not so hard now that I got rid of a bunch of toys) and swept that, the small bathroom, little hall and living room. I'm hoping to mop those at lunch today and get the kitchen/dining room and hall done as well. Hubby said he would help me. I have some plans and I'm getting rid of stuff.

I gave a small table back to my mom and we are doing to through out the big desk because it's old and falling apart. I have my old computer and tv from my room to do something with but I don't know what. Hubby has promised to put up shelves in the laundry room and the playroom and that will help me out tremendously. So it's all good!

It's very cold here today. -34°C right now. I've been unusually cold lately and I'm not sure why. I wear long johns all the time and that is usually enough. I finally ordered some ski pants from Sears the other day, I hope they get here quickly. At least my feet are warm!

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Jenny said...

I can't imagine why you're cold either at -34!!! lol

I know we have those temps a few times a year but not steady as you do!! I don't know how you do it. Do you walk outside or use a treadmill?