Monday, December 08, 2008

Day 23

I'm having a bad start to my day in a way, nothing really terrible. The numbers aren't good I was 318lb on my scale and then I went to the doctor and their scale said 322lb, it felt like a blow. So I've been letting things slide for too long now and I'm pulling up the boot straps and getting back in the race!!!

I feel good otherwise. I have to reschedule my physical since the doctor was dealing with something next door, I'm assuming another patient! I did manage to get my test results back.

Almost everything was great. My sugars were great. My thyroid is still doing the wonky number thing that means nothing, so she's checking my T4, it's all Greek to me. My cholesterol was good for the most part but my good cholestral was down down a bit. My blood count was also a bit low but my iron, kidneys and liver were all good so the blood count is probably nothing to worry about. It just amazes me all the answere they can get from two little vials fo blood.

So this perked me up and I'm getting on track. My bad part this morning was I ate cake first thing and when I realized this I threw the rest of the cake out, in the trash!! Then I had two pieces of toast with butter and I've been drinking lot's of water already today and right now I'm drinking my green tea. I have a salad made and some chicken noodle soup waiting to be eaten in the fridge.

My weekend was pretty great, very exhausting but great. I really feel great about it, doing things with the kids and getting out sledding. I really want to do more physical activities with the kidlets. Show them and teach them about being active.

SmartGuy is already pretty good with hockey and soccer. But he gets lazy too, when we walked the Dome he kept saying he was too tired when we were near the top. Well it is quite the walk. I have a picture of it somewhere, I'll post it later. So I'm terrified of trying to take Buddy up that hill with us. One day!

Things are good and they will get better and I will continue one and change my life.

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Jenny said...

You have a great attitude!