Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Day 24

Where to start. Yesterday went okay, though we did have a big dinner. We ordered out Greek food, so Chicken Souvlaki with rice, potatoes, spanakopita and these wedges filled with jalapeno cheese and ceasar salad. It was very good and yes I did overeat. I really tried not to but couldn't help myself and then later had ice cream with caramel sauce. I was really hoping that my lack of calories before that would keep my numbers down.

So I got on the scale this morning with some trepidation but to my relief I had gone down one pound. So I was 317lb. Baby steps, starting over again! I can do this!

It's almost noon and my eating is okay.
Lot's of water
Frosted mini wheats with skim milk - 1 bowl
1 egg on english muffin with ham and cheese
1 yop
1 light hot chocolate
3 shortbread biscuits
1 apple

So not too bad, I was craving something sweet and I went to buy some light hot chocolate and those biscuits were there and I remember my Nana used to send those to us every Christmas when she lived down in BC. So it brought back some memories and I wanted them.

I'll be back on a little later, I just wanted to do this little update. I have some things on my mind I'd like to discuss.

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