Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I've been meaning to give an update on the boys fora while now but things got in the way me. Concentrating on me.

The boys have been really great.

I'll start with Buddy since he's been in our radar lately. Yes, he has a hernia and yes he will be needing surgery.  That will be scheduled in the next 6-8 weeks. I'm worried but more scared about the nights and days leading up to the surgery - as he may have another episode. That scare me, seeing him in that kind of pain again, it's just heartbreaking and makes me feel so helpless.

He's such a great little boys now, sure he's 4 and does the normal why? phase and trying to ignore me and does this funny face and pretends he doesn't hear me. Typical but he's by far my most loving child and is constantly in my face for hugs and kisses. He's very much a momma's boy because he loves me only and only he can love me. It's cute! Though he does admit to loving his whole family from time to time.

His talking has come such a long, long way in the last year and half. I also can't believe he'll be starting Kindergarten in 8 months, it's just a crazy thought for me. I worry too if his speech issues will have an impact on his school life. He's a smart little guy though and probably won't have any problems. I usually keep on top of the school stuff. It's going to be so fun.

Right now he's very into lego, Wii and in turn that means MarioKart that the boys got for Christmas. He is doing well.

SmartGuy is doing very well. We just haven't had any issues in school this year. This teacher is excellent and treats them all fair and she says he's just typical six year old boy. It's really great to hear, he still has listening issues but that's just him. He's learning and practicing his good behavior everyday.

He's still in hockey, I'd say it's not something he loves but he likes it and keeps wanting to go. Last night at practice I really notice that he's starting to get more finesse in his moves on the ice. It's been really amazing to see him go from a falling down all the time skater to a not bad one. I'm very impressed.

He's just so smart, my SmartGuy. I'm impressed all the time with his reading and writing abilities and he's starting to show and aptitude for language and math. I hope he keeps it up, he's just so smart. But don't all parents say that!

Bubba, my baby Bubba. Well I really shouldn't call him baby anymore because he's not. I've said it before he's my toddler now. He's still a busy little guy who is into everything whether it's at his level or he has to scale furniture to get to it, he will and does. He's keeping me on my toes that is for sure.

On top of that his understanding if phenomenol, he's starting to use words and that's great. I thought he's be like SmartGuy and start talking once he hit two and that seems to be the case. He's got a bunch of words now and is attempting to talk all the time, he's my little parrot now.

I let him try the Wii one night with Buddy when SmartGuy was at a sleepover and it was so cute. They did boxing and now he wants to play when the other two play. He's right in there with them now with everything.

He's still so little though. I wonder if he will always seem small? We've decided that Smartguy is going to move out of the room he shares with Bubba and back tohis old room. It's just not working for Bubba at bedtime and sleeping through the night. I've ordered a twin mattress for Bubba's bedroom and that way I can put him to sleep like I did the others by laying with him, it worked for his brothers and I don't have a problem with that. Right now he's distracted at bedtime by his brother and fusses so much and he still does not sleep through the night except for on occassion and that just doesn't work for me. I need my sleep and so I'm doing something about it.

I'll post pictures alter.

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Jenny said...

At least you know what the problem is and you know it will be dealt with. Thank God it was nothing more serious. Let's just hope that nothing else happens until it's fixed!!