Monday, January 05, 2009

And again?

Am I in for another night of sleeplessness? I don't know. Buddy is swollen again in the groin, just a little and he's not complaining. I noticed the differenece just an hour ago. It was after 5pm, so the clinic is closed. I was proactive and gavehim some Motrin to maybe calm any swelling. He's not complaining and when I ask him he says 'I'm fine, mom. It's fine, my pen** doesn't hurt." Thats what he describes as hurting. So I hope we'll have a sleep filled night! I am scared though.


Jenny said...

Oh no! I've just got to your blog after a few days and I sympathise with you. We have the same doctor problem and have to drive for an hour to get to the walk in clinic!

Have they checked your little guy for mumps? I know you don't hear of it much these days but you never know..

siuan329 said...

We are going to the doctor this afternoon. I hope we'll get some answers.

shmode said...

Oh D, I hope you can get some answers, it must be super hard on you!

I hope you can get some sleep tonight!